hello, world. Upstart RIoT Insight gains momentum as disruptive alternative to traditional retail RFID.

CHICAGO — June 27, 2019—RIoT has been quietly amassing major customer wins over the old guard in head to head multi-vendor live competitions - winning every time. 

Why RIoT?

Leading brands selecting RIoT cite lower cost, rapidly tailored solutions and deep in-store retail expertise as differentiating factors.  “We are maniacally focused on disrupting retail RFID with radical economics and purpose-built solutions that deliver high value, at scale and speed,” says Darren Williams, RIoT Co-founder & CEO. “And, it’s working,” he adds.

 RIoT’s retail RFID solution is offered at less than half the price of old guard systems and includes everything.  Even implementation.  This dramatically lower software and implementation pricing coupled with already lower tag and hardware costs is making complete RFID solutions truly practical for mainstream retailers for the first time.

 Retailers are also realizing that RFID is not OSFA (One Size Fits All) and that their businesses have unique requirements.  RIoT stands apart in rapidly responding to customer development requests and incorporating them in the base product - simply moving faster than larger companies.

 With decades of retail in-store operations and systems experience, RIOT brings credibility and expertise to its implementations - making RIoT distinctly different than traditional supply chain, hardware and tag focused suppliers.

 RIoT is now driving RFID projects across the globe in more than 34 brands in 32 countries and representing over 5,000 stores.  RIoT’s success and growth is highlighted by the major rollout underway at The Foschini Group.  With 500 stores implemented since February, the rollout is proceeding at more than 40 stores per week and will encompass 4000+ stores making it among the largest RFID rollouts in the world and potentially the fastest as well.  Further, this implementation is likely the most diverse in the world, with brands in almost every format and retail segment, from sporting goods to fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, home furnishings, electronics, and general merchandise – all managed at scale on the RIoT Platform.

 The RIoT Solution

RIoT deploys centrally from the cloud or on-premise, providing a continuously updated ledger of inventory by location/store, enabling 99%+ inventory accuracy to drive omnichannel sales and a great customer experience.   The RIoT inventory API scales to thousands of stores and millions of SKUs and can be integrated with any existing digital, OMS and ERP solutions.  In addition, the RIoT Insight dashboard empowers real-time inventory analysis, decision making and visualization.

 In the store, the RIoT platform supports both handheld and overhead RFID readers and sensors, offering a range of simple to deploy and use solutions. RIoT integrates with your existing POS as a basis for checking and maintaining continuous accuracy between inventory scans.  As a result, the operational and compliance burden is minimized, allowing rapid deployment to your stores and speeding time to benefit.

 The RFID and RIoT Backstory

As you know, RFID has been hanging around retail for a long time with mixed results – the best evidence of that being the failed pilots and stalled rollouts in the rear-view mirror.  No more.  You don't need to reinvent your supply chain to get to 98+ percent accuracy in your stores.  The new normal use cases that retailers and brands must support are pick-up and ship from store.  To this, RIoT delivers a near real-time view of inventory by location, i.e.  your “Available to Promise,” dynamically connected to your digital, OMS and ERP solutions to drive sales and customer satisfaction, faster and more economically.

 Come see what we’re doing right now with leading retailers and brands around the world. 

 About Us

RIoT Insight, Inc. is a leading provider of RFID store solutions to innovative retailers and brands.  The RIoT solution allows retailers to achieve 98%+ inventory accuracy in order to increase omnichannel sales and improve the consumer experience.  The RIoT Insight Suite is designed to aid rapid deployment through ease of use and streamlined integration to existing POS, OMS and digital solutions.  RIoT Insight is currently working with leading fashion retailers around the world, with a focus on the apparel, footwear and luxury segments.



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