Our Mission


RIoT was created for a reason. As experts in the stores space for the last several decades, we recognized that transformation into mobile first and seamless omnichannel customer interactions requires the absolute highest inventory accuracy achievable. This empowers retail systems such as customer order management, replenishment and customer engagement platforms to more efficiently do their jobs, and ensure the right item at the right place at the right time, or save a sale using real-time, actionable product availability information. With the economics recently coming into the realm of reality for retailers, RFID is finally getting the call from the coach to come off the bench and get in the game.

Which brings us to the issue. The old guard wasn’t cutting the mustard. We sat back and reflected, that there is a completely different approach needed for retailers to actually be able to stand up this innovative technology, and unlike the process and approach being presented in the industry, it doesn’t need to be complicated, complex and costly.

Enter RIoT. The name itself is a sneaky little double-entendre. Denoting the marriage of Retail + Internet of Things is the first. But moreover, it’s an announcement of a revolt, an uprising, a coup, a rebellion, a riot, and an attempt to put an end to the old way of approaching RFID.

We are different. We know retail stores. We know omnichannel. We are scrappy. We are experienced. We listen. We are hardworking. We are patient. We are professional. We adapt. We deliver. And ultimately, we are winning.

Walking the walk. Whether in the cloud, or on premise, via overhead sensors or via handhelds, we tailor the deployment to meet your needs AND ensure your project goes live. It is absolutely critical to keep it simple, focus on the first laying a rock solid RFID foundation of functional & highly accurate inventory taking, and then other amazing innovations can be layered on in time to add additional value. Whichever model you select, the focus is the same, implementation and user adoption resulting in cascading benefits to your business. Boom.

We’d like to introduce you to the team that is making this happen.